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User Manager Dashboard

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User Manager Dashboard

The User Manager Dashboard provides the user managers with reports of time sheet exceptions, and category wise time reported by the users.

The dashboard can be activated using the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Project Portfolio Suite Dashboards plugin (com.snc.pps_dashboards). You require Performance Analytics license to use this dashboard.

The dashboard displays time sheet reports only for those time card users who have the Manager field on User form set to the current user.

The reports in the dashboard are filtered based on Date range, and User selected.

The user manager dashboard consists of these components:

Time sheet exception count

It displays the total count of entries in Time sheet exceptions report.

Figure 1. Time sheet exception count
Screenshot for Time Sheet Exception Count section

Time sheet exceptions report

The Time sheet exceptions report lists the users who did not submit/create their time sheets, and the time sheets which are not yet approved for the selected user, and time range. The report displays the following data:
  • User: The time card user whose manager in User profile is the current user. If there are more than one time sheets for a user in a given date range which are not submitted or require approval, then multiple entries are listed for the user.
  • Week starts on: Starting date of the time sheet week in the selected time range.
  • State: State of the time card. Time sheet entries with state as Not Submitted are also listed if a time sheet is not created for the week.

The report is generated from the time_sheet_exception table. It requires the schedule job Time Sheet Exceptions to be running to get the up-to date information.

Figure 2. Time sheet exceptions report
Screenshot for Time Sheet Exceptions report

Total approved hours

It displays the total approved hours in all categories displayed in Time by category report.

Figure 3. Total approved hours
Screenshot for total approved hours in all categories

Time by category report

The bar chart report displays the time approved against each category for the selected users whose manager in User profile is the current user.

Figure 4. Time by category report
Screenshot for Time by Category report