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Create a many-to-many relationship

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Create a many-to-many relationship

Many-to-many relationships allow a list to point to a list of entries, rather than to single field.

About this task

For example, if a knowledge base article points to a list of related configuration items, it uses a related list. Not all lists can be used as related lists, however. For a list to be related to another list, a many-to-many relationship that refers to both tables must exist.

The Many to Many Definitions [sys_m2m] table allows administrators to create custom many-to-many relationships.


  1. In the navigation filter, enter sys_m2m.list.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the From table field, specify a parent table.
  4. In the To table field, specify a child table.
    The Many-to-Many form automatically populates the other fields with suggested values.
  5. (Optional) Edit other field values, if appropriate. Many-to-Many table names cannot exceed 30 characters.