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Application Usage Overview reports

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Application Usage Overview reports

The Application Usage Overview modules display reports on usage of ServiceNow applications and ServiceNow Store apps for your instance.

See the illustration for tips on using the charts. Navigate to Instance Usage > Application Usage Overview and Instance Usage > ServiceNow Store Usage Overview to view the following reports and charts:
Table 1. Application Usage Overview reports
Chart or report Description
Usage of ServiceNow Applications and Usage of ServiceNow Store Applications

Shows the number of accesses (views or operations performed) for each of the listed applications, grouped by month.

Users of ServiceNow Applications and Users of ServiceNow Store Applications

Shows the number of active users who have used the instance, grouped by month. An active user is any user who could have accessed the applications, not only users who actually did access the applications.

Additional Metrics

Shows any of the following items, depending on your licensing agreement:

  • Configuration automation nodes (This is Legacy functionality.)
  • Custom Orchestration workflow activities
  • Hardware CIs found by Discovery
  • Public catalogs your organization is using
  • Password credentials that the Password Reset application is managing
  • Performance Analytics indicators
Other Metrics (ServiceNow applications only)

Shows the number of items that extend a table other than the Task base table or a custom table.

Figure 1. Working with charts on the Application Usage Overview report
Using charts