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Implement process flow and UI actions with a state model

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Implement process flow and UI actions with a state model

You can implement a process flow and UI actions with a state model.

Before you begin

Role required: state_model_admin or admin

About this task

State models provide a way to limit the choices for moving between states in a form. If you set up only a state model, users manually change states in the form. Additional steps are required to add the process flow or UI actions, as illustrated in the following example.


  1. Verify choices for the State field for the table and ensure that you created transitions for them. For more information about how to add State field choices, see Best practices for state field choice values.
  2. After creating the state model, define the process flow. For more information about process flows, see Process flow formatter.
  3. Define UI actions as desired to move between states. For more information about UI actions, see UI actions.


After the state model is enabled, only the defined state transitions are included in the choice list for the State field, and the process flow and UI actions are implemented.