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Process approvals

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Process approvals

Once a request has passed its gating approvals, any relevant execution plans are initiated.

Those plans, in turn, create a sequence of required tasks. You can add an approval step to an execution plan, which is configured to occur at the appropriate point.

From the left navigation pane, select Service Catalog > Execution Plans, and then select the plan to which to add an approval step. Then click the New Approval button.
Figure 1. Add approval
Add an approval
The Approval Task screen appears. Just like a regular Service Catalog execution task, an approval execution task has:
  • Name: The name of this task
  • Order: Sequence of this task within the plan
  • SLA: SLA to which this task applies
  • Delivery Time: Time allowed for the completion of this task
After you create the task, right click the title bar and select Save. Two related lists appear at the bottom of the screen:
  • Approved By Group: A list of groups that must approve the request before this task is complete
  • Approved By: A list of users who must approve the request before this task is complete
Figure 2. Approval task
Approval task

In the example above, this security approval task must be approved by Fred Luddy.

Note: When an in-process approval is rejected, that particular line item is canceled as well, but the request itself isn't necessarily canceled. Thus if one ordered a blackberry and a laptop, and the blackberry was rejected, the laptop request would continue being processed.