OAuth tokens

OAuth tokens provide authentication to allow access to restricted resources on the ServiceNow instance.

Manage OAuth tokens

Open OAuth tokens to provide access to restricted resources.

Before you begin

Role required: any user or admin

About this task

Only the tokens that the instance issues are available, not the tokens that the instance can receive to access third-party resources.


  1. Navigate to one of the following menu options:
    • Self-Service > My Connected Apps to see the tokens that the instance created when you granted access to a resource on the instance.
    • System OAuth > Manage Tokens to see all tokens. Only administrators can access this module.
  2. Click the Name to open the token.
  3. Click Revoke Access to prevent access to the restricted resource.
  4. You can also view other information about the token, including the scope it allows access to and the expiration date.

Revoke an OAuth token

You might want to revoke an OAuth access or refresh token for security reasons.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Revoking the token pertains to the situation where your instance acts as the OAuth resource server. You can revoke the token through a URL or by accessing the token in the instance.


Access your instance using oauth_revoke_token.do and append the access or refresh token.

For example: https://[Your_ServiceNow_Instance]:[port]/oauth_revoke_token.do?token=[access or refresh token] without the brackets [ ].


This endpoint access does not require authentication. The token in this request is marked as expired.