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Disable the junk filter

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Disable the junk filter

By default, Zing does not index or search for 2-digit numbers and single character words (unless they are Chinese or Japanese characters). You can turn off this filter for a table.

About this task

For example, to have the ability to search for error 92 in the knowledge base, turn off junk filtering for kb_knowledge.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
  2. Open the dictionary entry for the table.
  3. In the Attributes field, enter text_index_filter_junk=false.
  4. Right-click the header and select Save.
  5. Click the Generate Text Index related link and click OK.
    • To have the desired effect, you may also need to reconfigure the automatic stop words. For example, if a specific 2-digit number appears in all of your problem numbers (92-0001, 92-0002, and so on), the automatic stop word threshold is quickly exceeded and the word is no longer found in searches. To find that 2-digit number in the problem table, you must disable both junk filtering and automatic stop words.
    • Disabling the junk filter results in a larger table index. For optimal performance, do not apply this attribute unless it is required.