Configure a table-specific stop word

You can configure stop words for a specific table.

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Text Indexes.
  2. Open the text index entry for the table.
  3. Add or remove stop words from the Index Stop Words related list.
    For each word, select the desired Stop mode (Not a Stop Word (inactivates the stop word), Neither Index nor Query, or Index but do not Query).
  4. If a message appears at the top of the form, click Regenerate Text Index and click OK.
    You must regenerate indexes whenever words may be missing from an index. For example, if you delete or change a stop word for which the mode was Neither Index nor Query, the word may be missing from the index. An after business rule checks these conditions and generates the notification message when index regeneration is necessary.
    Note: Text search uses the global list plus the table-specific list of stop words when indexing the table.
    Table-Specific Stop Words