Special administrative roles

Certain roles grant specific administrative rights without the full privileges of the admin role. For example, an administrator can grant a user the right to change UI policy but not client scripts.

These roles do not change the behavior of the admin role, which grants full administrative privileges.

Note: The system does not support changing the name of any special administrative role. Changing the name of a special administrative role will prevent users and groups from accessing base system resources that depend on these roles.
Table 1. Special administrative roles
Role Privilege
assignment_rule_admin Allows management of Assignment Rules.
ui_script_admin Allows management of UI Scripts.
script_include_admin Can manage Script Includes.
ui_page_admin Can manage UI Pages.
ui_macro_admin Can manage UI Macros.
form_admin Can manage Forms, and Form Sections and Section Elements.
Roles Contained in personalize_rules
business_rule_admin Can manage Business Rules.
client_script_admin Can manage Client Scripts.
ui_policy_admin Can manage UI Policies.
ui_action_admin Can Manage UI Actions.