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Export an index suggestion to a non-production instance

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Export an index suggestion to a non-production instance

You can export an index suggestion from a production instance to a non-production instance for evaluation and testing, before implementing the index on your production instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

This task involves exporting an index suggestion as an .xml file from your production instance and importing it to a non-production instance. You can then create the index and evaluate its performance on the non-production instance.


  1. In your production instance, navigate to the Index Suggestion to be exported:
    1. Access the Index Suggestions table to review the index suggestions for slow queries.
      Location Description
      From the Application Navigator Navigate to System Diagnostics > Index Suggestions > Index Suggestions > To review.
      From the Performance homepage If the suggestion icon indicates that one or more index suggestions are available (Lightbulb icon for index suggestion), click it to open the Suggested Indexes window, and click View all suggested indexes.
      Note: In the Suggested Indexes window, you can click View next to a specific table name to open its index suggestion record.
    2. In the Index Suggestions table, click the Table Name to open the index suggestion.
  2. In the Index Suggestions form, click Export.
    The ISE downloads the index suggestion as an XML file with the file name sys_index_suggestion_<alphanumeric identifier>.xml. The file name has a unique alphanumeric string to differentiate it from other index suggestions.
  3. In your non-production instance, navigate to System Diagnostics > Index Suggestions > Index Suggestions > To review.
  4. In the Index Suggestions table under Related Links, click Import Suggestions.
  5. In the Import XML form, choose the index suggestion file that you exported and click Upload.
    Upload import index suggestion file
    After the import, the imported index suggestion appears in the Index Suggestions table on your non-production instance.
  6. To continue the index evaluation process on your non-production instance, you can schedule the index suggestion for creation and test index performance.