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Schedule an index to be dropped

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Schedule an index to be dropped

Administrators can drop an index for a slow query when the index is not used by the database or does not improve query performance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

During the index evaluation period, the ISE may recommend that you drop the index when the database does not use the index or the ISE finds that the index does not improve the query time. You can drop the index immediately or schedule the drop for a later time.
Note: If you want to retain an index even though the ISE recommends dropping it, you can use the Accept option in the Index Suggestion record to continue using the index. Before using this option, contact ServiceNow Customer Support for guidance.


  1. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Index Suggestions > Index Suggestions > In Progress.
  2. In the Index Suggestions table, click the Table Name for the index to be dropped.
  3. In the Index Suggestion record, click Schedule Drop.
  4. In the Schedule Index Drop window, select the time that the index is to be dropped and click Drop. You can schedule the index drop at a later time, when your instance is less busy.
    Note: If the index to be dropped involves large tables, such as the Incident or CMDB table, dropping the index may take up to one hour or longer.
    • Drop now—The Schedule Index Drop progress indicator window shows the progress of the index drop. When the index drop completes, click Close. If the drop is successful, the Index Suggestion record shows the index state as Dropped.
    • Drop later—When you schedule the drop, the index state changes to Drop Scheduled. When the system drops the index at the scheduled time, the index state changes to Dropped.
  5. Verify that the index was dropped by reviewing the index state in the Index Suggestion record or in the Index Suggestion table (System Diagnostics > Index Suggestions > Index Suggestions > Done).