Slow pattern metrics

You can identify slow patterns (transactions, scripts, slow queries, events, mutexes, and cache) in your instance by using the slow pattern graph set on the Performance homepage.

Users with the admin role can review performance metrics.
  • To view slow pattern graphs on the Performance homepage, select Slow Pattern in the Graph Set list, an instance in the Monitorable Items list, and a time period in the Timespan list.
  • For details on using the graph and display controls on the Performance homepage, see Performance metrics.
Note: In the fullscreen view of each slow pattern graph, the legend provides links to the slow pattern records represented in the graph. For example, the legend in the Slow Query Time graph lists the slowest queries for the instance during the selected timespan. Clicking a slow query item in the legend opens the Slow Queries record for that item. You can review query details and determine what action to take on the slow query. For convenience, associated slow pattern graphs appears below the record so you can review and compare the graphs with details from the slow pattern record.
Figure 1. Slow Pattern performance graphs
Graph set for slow patterns