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Transaction log response times

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Transaction log response times

The instance automatically logs the vital statistics of every transaction it processes, and that information is available to you as an administrator.

To look at the log, navigate to System Logs > Transactions.

To see the average response time of all listed transactions, right-click the column Response time. Select Configure > List Calculations, and then select the Average value check box.

It is a good practice to limit the list to those transactions that took place during the time period of interest. The default filter returns transactions from today.

Figure 1. Transaction log
Transaction log
For each completed transaction, the following information is available (times are in milliseconds):
  • Date/time, User ID, IP address, and URL of the transaction.
  • Total response time, which does not include the browser time because the server does not have that information.
  • Network time: network transmission time, both from and to the user.
  • SQL time: time spent executing SQL commands.
  • SQL count: number of SQL commands executed.
  • Business rule time: time spent processing business rules.
  • Business rule count: number of business rules executed.
  • Output length: how many bytes the transaction returned, after any compression.