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Database performance metrics

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Database performance metrics

Database graphs, available to view on the Performance homepage, display metrics for various database operations, for example, insertions and deletions. They also display a current count of database connections for the selected ServiceNow instance.

All the traffic shown in the graphs is specific to your cluster node/instance. If you are looking at the database graph for your Discovery node, it does not include traffic for your UI node or vice versa. If you, like most customers, are running on a single node, the graphs show everything.

Users with the admin role can review performance metrics.
  • To view database metrics on the Performance homepage, select Database in the Graph Set list, an instance in the Monitorable Items list, and a time period in the Timespan list.
  • For details on using the graph and display controls on the Performance homepage, see Performance metrics.
Figure 1. Database graphs
  • Database Throughput: Displays the count (per minute) for each type of database operation (inserts, deletes, and so on) over time.
  • Database Response: Displays the response time (in milliseconds) for each type of database operation.
  • DB Connection Use: Shows how many connections this instance has open to the database. View the maximum, median, and minimum number of database connections in use by the selected node.
  • Replication Throughput: Measures the difference in the data (delta) between the production instance and the replicated instance as user activity changes the database. Replication is the process whereby an entire instance is replicated on a second machine for failover protection. ServiceNow Customer Support uses this information to monitor the progress of replicating a customer instance.