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Normalization Data Services

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Normalization Data Services

The Normalization Data Services plugin helps maintain consistency for table fields that refer to a company name.

Tables related to configuration items and assets usually contain columns referring to a company name, such as a vendor or manufacturer. Often, these tables refer to the same company by several different names. This situation can happen for many reasons. For example, vendors sometimes use different company names depending on the device. This inconsistency creates problems, especially for reports that rely on these company names.

The Normalization Data Services plugin helps alleviate this problem.

When you enable and configure the Normalization Data Services plugin, the system downloads a list of standard company names that ServiceNow has compiled. It also downloads a list of common variants of that name. Any time the plugin finds a company-name field with one of those variants, it substitutes the standard name in its place.

Note: The Normalization Data Services plugin refers to a standard name as a normalized name and to a variant name as a discovered name.
While the Normalization Data Services plugin provides services similar to the field normalization feature, it has several key differences:
  • The Normalization Data Services plugin does not require you to manually set up the mappings from one name to another. If you like, you can add your own mappings to the set. However, you automatically start with extensive lists of common company names (normalized names) and their variants (discovered names).
  • For Helsinki, the Normalization Data Services plugin applies only to the manufacturer field for configuration items and assets.
The Normalization Data Services plugin stores data in two tables. The Normalized Company Names table contains the list of normalized company names. The Normalized Mappings table contains the mappings between each discovered name and its normalized name.
Caution: If you edit a field whose value is a normalized name, you change the normalized name for ALL discovered names that map to it. This change occurs regardless of the table in which you edit the field.
Note: Because the Normalization Data Services feature requires an internet connection to download mapping information, this feature is not supported for on-premise instances.