Dynamic actions script for List v2 context menus

The Dynamic actions script field, on the Context Menu form, defines a script. The script populates a list context menu with dynamic options, such as filters or views.

The following JavaScript variables are available to the dynamic actions script when it is executed.
Table 1. Dynamic actions script variables
Variable Description
g_tableName Name of the current table.
g_listId ID of the list for which the context menu is built.
g_itemName Name defined in the UI context menu record.
g_itemOrder Order defined in the UI context menu record. Use this variable to pass the value of the Order field to the dynamic actions script.
g_contextMenu.addAction(item_id, label, script_string, order) Add options to the context menu and select the order in which they appear.
The following example displays a list title menu item that controls the number of records per page in the list view.
g_contextMenu.addAction('50', g_itemName, 'showRowsPerPage("50");', g_itemOrder);
Note: The action script for this item must define the showRowsPerPage function so that when selecting this menu item, that function is called with an argument of 50.