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Post-clone cleanup scripts

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Post-clone cleanup scripts

Cleanup scripts automatically run on the target instance after the cloning process finishes.

Use cleanup scripts to modify or remove bad data. Cleanup scripts run after data preservers and the clone is complete.

You can add new post-cloning scripts on the source instance to perform any action that can normally be accomplished through script includes or business rules. To add a script, navigate to System Clone > Clone Definition > Cleanup Scripts and click New.

The following post-clone cleanup scripts perform various actions on the target instance.

Table 1. Post-clone cleanup scripts
Script Description
Bad MID Server credentials after clone Runs a script include called BadMIDCredentialAfterClone on a cloned instance to detect bad MID Server user credentials. This script include creates scheduled jobs that log MID Servers in the Down state to the MID Server Issue [ecc_agent_issue] table after an instance clone.
Clear scheduled job node association Resets any scheduled jobs that were active on the source instance to the Ready state. This script also clears the value of the System ID and Claimed by fields on all scheduled jobs.
Configure Email Accounts Migrates email accounts that existed on the source instance to the target instance if they are not enabled there. This script also migrates the email properties to the target instance.
Disable emails Disables email on the target instance. A default data preserver maintains other email settings from the target instance.
Install deactivated plugin Enables the Domain Separation plugin for instances that use this feature.
Regenerate all text indexes Rebuilds text indexes on the target instance after a clone. Text indexes are not cloned from the source to the target instance.
Schedule drop backup tables Schedules the deletion of the data contained in the target instance database prior to the clone. This original data is preserved for 24 hours following a clone to allow you to roll back an instance to the pre-clone state. If the target instance is downgraded as part of the clone, backup data is not available.