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Translate a client script message

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Translate a client script message

Client scripts include a multi-line Messages field.

About this task

Use this field to enter message strings that the client script can use as a key to look up a localized message alternative from the Message [sys_ui_message] table. Add each message key on a separate line. The instance looks for a localized message string anytime the client script makes a getMessage(msg) call where the msg string matches a key in the Messages field.

For example, if you add the string Please populate the Reason field to the Messages field, then the instance will look for a localized string from the Message [sys_ui_message] table any time the client script calls:

getMessage("Please populate the Reason field")

Add a new record to the Message [sys_ui_message] table for each localized string.


  1. Navigate to System Localization > Messages.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the Message fields for the localized message.
  4. Click Submit.