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Create a new choice record

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Create a new choice record

This record allows users to select the language as a valid option in a User record and the language picker.

About this task

You must create a choice record for a new translation in the Choices [sys_choice] table.


  1. Navigate to System Localization > Choices.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the following fields.
    • Table: Enter sys_user.
    • Element: Enter preferred_language.
    • Language: Enter the two-character ISO 639.1 code for the language this choice record is a member of. For example, tr. The default is en.
    • Label: Enter the name of the language selection as you want it to appear in the language picker. For example, Turkish.
    • Value: Enter the two-character ISO 639.1 code for the new language selection. For example, tr. The instance uses this value to set the display language.
    • Sequence: Enter a number to determine what order the option appears in the choice list if you do not want to list choices alphabetically. For example, 5.
  4. Click Submit.