Field Label table

The Field Label [sys_documentation] table stores the text of table names along with the singular and plural labels for each field in the table.

For each table name and field label, the Field Label table contains a record for each installed language. ServiceNow uses the table and field names from this table to display lists and forms in the proper language. The main fields for this table are:
  • Table: name of the table this translation applies to.
  • Element: name of the field this translation applies to.
  • Language: two-character ISO language code for the translated text.
  • Label: translated text that users see.
  • Plural: plural of the label.
  • Help: reserved for future use.
  • Hint: text that pops up when the cursor rests on the field.
  • URL: URL for a web page that provides information about the field. When a URL is provided, the field label displays a help icon ().
  • URL target: location where the URL appears, if a URL is given. If this field is empty, the URL opens in the current tab or window when a user clicks the help icon. If the field contains the code _blank, the URL opens in a new tab or window when a user clicks the help icon.
Figure 1. Field label
Figure 2. Translated field