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Configure list calculations in List v3

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Configure list calculations in List v3

In List v3, you can configure list calculations for columns, which calculate column totals, minimums, maximums, and averages.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_list

About this task

You can configure list calculations for multiple columns in the same list. List calculations apply only to the view of the list in which they are configured. Calculations configured on personalized list views are only visible to the user that created them. Reset list columns on a view to their defaults before configuring a list calculation to ensure visibility to all users.

Note: List calculations are available in list reports, but the configuration instructions are different because list reports display v2 lists. For more information, see Configure list calculations in List v2.


  1. In a list, click the list title menu icon and select List Calculations.
    The List Calculations window opens. It lists all columns that are visible in the current list.
    Figure 1. List v3 List Calculations window
    The List v3 list calculation window contains the available calculation options
  2. Select the check box for one or more of the following calculation options for any column. You can only select calculation options that are available for a given column.
    • Average (not available for string, date, or date/time fields)
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Total (not available for string, date, or date/time fields)
    A calculation preview appears by the check box.
  3. To remove all list calculations, click Clear Calculations.
  4. Close the List Calculations window.
    The calculations appear at the bottom of the list for each configured column.