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Retrieving data from a CSV formatted file

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Retrieving data from a CSV formatted file

In this method, you import data from another instance using an HTTPS data source to return a CSV formatted file containing the rows to be imported.

About this task

This approach uses the Import Sets application to retrieve the data from the source and import it to the destination.
Figure 1. HTTPS Data Sources


  1. Create a new data source by navigating to Import Sets > Data Sources on the destination instance.
  2. Provide the following field values:
    • Import set table name: Select a table.
    • Type:File
    • Format:CSV
    • File retrieval method:HTTPS

      If the Server, File path, Username, and Password fields are not visible when you select HTTPS, change the file retrieval method temporarily to SCP and enter this information. Remember to reset the File retrieval method to HTTPS after you enter these fields.

    • File
      Note: To import specific change records, you can add qualifiers to the path. For example, the following path would return all active change records: ?CSV &amp ;sysparm_query =active = true "
    • User name and Password: Enter the user name and password for a valid user on the destination instance.
  3. Click the Test load 20 records related link to verify that the import is configured correctly.
  4. After setting up the data source, configure a standard transform map.