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Configure attachments on a table

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Configure attachments on a table

You can prevent users from adding attachments to records on a specific table. You can also enable attachment indexing for a table so text searches can return matches from the record and its file attachments.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

By default, attachment indexing is enabled for the Knowledge Base. Enabling attachment indexing causes the platform to reindex the selected table, its parent table, and any children of the parent table. For large tables, such as the Task table, reindexing can take several hours and slows down the system until complete. Reindexing is best performed during non-peak times.


  1. Open a record in the table.
  2. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Dictionary.
  3. In the list of dictionary entries, select the first record in the list (the record with no Column name entry).
  4. Add no_attachment to the Attributes field, separated by commas from any existing attributes.
    See Dictionary attributes for more information.
  5. To add an attachment index to a table, open the table record, select the record for the table, and complete the following steps.
    1. Click the Attributes tab.
    2. Click New and add the following values.
      Table 1. Attribute values
      Field Value
      Attribute Select Attachment index.
      Value Enter true.
      Note: The attachment indexing attribute only applies to the tables on which you explicitly add it. It does not cascade to child tables. For example, indexing attachments on the Task table does not index attachments on the Incident table. Not all file types are supported for attachment indexing. For a list of supported file types, see Zing can include attachments in search results.
    3. Click Submit.
    The indexing process begins. When it is complete, attachments can be searched on that table.
  6. (Optional) To disable attachment indexing, remove the attribute and click Update.