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Form administration

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Form administration

Administrators can configure several settings that control form functionality.

Form personalization
Control how users configure forms. You can also change the role that is necessary to configure a form and disable the form configurations that specific users already made.

See Administering form personalization for instructions.

Form annotations
Choose the types of annotations that are available on forms and save localized versions of form annotations.

See Administering form annotations for instructions.

Control several aspects of form attachments, such as attachment size, allowed file extensions, and the roles that are allowed to attach files.

See Administering attachments for instructions.

Create and edit formatters, such as the activity formatter, which displays information on the form that is not a field in the record. You can also configure formatter settings such as the maximum number of formatter entries.

See Formatters for more information.

Form templates
Create templates that automatically populate form fields based on settings you configure.

See Form templates for more information.

UI actions
Add buttons, links, and context menu items on forms to the UI more interactive, customizable, and specific to user activities.

See UI actions for more information.

UI policies
Configure the policies that dynamically change information on a form.

See Create a UI policy for more information.

Other advanced options
Configure advanced form features, such as form focus, form splits, and derived fields.

See Advanced form configuration for instructions.