Test a transform

Verify the transform changes the field value as desired before applying them to existing records in the database.

About this task

Note: Users must have the normalization_tester role to create test records.

New transformation records open in the Test mode by default, enabling administrators to test transforms thoroughly before applying them to the existing records in the database. In the test mode, the Start controls are not available for the Transform application data job. There are two methods, listed below, for testing transforms before committing the transformations to existing data.


  • Manually create or update test records.

    In the test mode, only records that have been created or updated by a user with the normalization_tester role are transformed. Grant the normalizer and normalization_tester roles to the same user or grant them to separate users.

  • Use the Test transforms utility to enter a raw value and see the resulting transformed value.

    This feature enables a normalization tester to transform field values on the fly without opening or updating records. This utility tests all the transforms configured for this field.

    1. Open a Transformation record.
    2. Click the Test transforms Related Link.
      Test transforms Related Link

      A dialog box appears for testing field values.

    3. Enter a value to transform in the Raw data field.
      Raw data field
    4. Click OK.

      The platform transforms the raw value in the Transformed data field.

      Transformed data field
    5. Enter new raw data to test other transforms.
    6. Click Cancel to end the test.
    7. When testing is complete, change the Mode to Active and run the data job.