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Select a field as the table display value

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Select a field as the table display value

Only one field can be defined as the display value for a table.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

When you set the Display value to true, a business rule sets the Display value to false for all other fields on the table. In previous versions, you must manually ensure that no other fields on the table have a value of true in the Display column.

Note: Extended tables inherit the display value of the parent table. Setting a separate display value for the extended table overrides the parent table's display value.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
  2. Filter on [Table] [is] [<name of the referenced table>].
  3. Locate the desired field and set Display to true.

    For best results, choose a field that is required and unique in each record as the display value field.

    Set display
    Note: If you make a field the display field for a table, be sure to translate all values for the field in the Translated Text [sys_translated_text] table into all the languages provided. Display field options left untranslated are not presented by the autocomplete (type ahead) feature.
    Reference fields look for the display value in the following order:
    1. A field with display=true in the system dictionary on the lowest sub-table for extended tables.
    2. A field with display=true in the system dictionary on the parent table.
    3. A field named name or u_name.
    4. The Created on field of the referenced record.