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Configure left padding of a system number in a table

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Configure left padding of a system number in a table

You can configure the left padding of the system numbers on a table. For example, pad the Number field on an Incident, Problem, or Change Request.

Before you begin

If you are configuring numbers on a custom table or a table that does not extend the task table, then, before performing the following procedure, you must prepare business rules and script includes. For more information, see Prepare to left-pad number fields in custom tables.

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to the form, then right-click the Number field and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. Enter the following script in the Default value field and click Update.
  3. Navigate to System Definition > Number Maintenance.
  4. Open the table record.
  5. Enter a value in the Number of digits field.
  6. Click Update.
    Number padding is applied to both existing and new records.
    Sys number padded
    The result of the configuration in the image is an Incident number that is left padded.
    Padded incident number