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Extend the functionality of a Wikitext field

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Extend the functionality of a Wikitext field

Configure the Wikitext field to link to other sources within the system.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary


  1. Right-click in the header of the new Wikitext field.
  2. Select Configure Dictionary
  3. In the Dependent field of the dictionary form, enter the field you want to use for linking to other pages.

    For example, on the Incident table, you might choose the number field.

    Wiki field dictionary example

    This configuration enables you to link to any incident by using that incident's number. For example, to open INC0000002, you enter [[INC0000002]].

    The following dictionary attributes are available for wiki_text fields.
    • preview_first=true - sets the preview mode to display on page load, otherwise editor will be displayed
    • preview_selector=true - enables the toggle button to switch between the editor and preview
    • dual_mode=true - enables displaying both the editor and the preview simultaneously during edit mode.