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Values to associate with choice labels for scripting

Values to associate with choice labels for scripting

When you write a script that references a choice list, you need to know the value that is associated with each choice.

For example, to check whether the incident_state field is active, you could not use the condition current.incident_state == "active" because the value associated with the choice labeled Active is the integer 2. Instead, you would use the condition current.incident_state == 2.

The Type field on the choice list dictionary entry determines the data type of the values.

To determine the value associated with a choice, right-click the field label and select Show Choice List, and then locate the choice for which you need to know the value.

Figure 1. Show choices list values
The -- None -- option may not have a sys_choice record associated with it. A choice list field set to -- None -- evaluates to these values, depending on the script context as listed below.
  • For client-side scripts,such as client scripts: "" (empty string)
  • For server-side scripts, such as business rules: "0" (string of the number zero)

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