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List export

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List export

You can export a list of records in a variety of formats.

The Export option is available in the column heading context menu in List v2. In List v3, it is available in the list title menu.

Figure 1. Export from a v2 list
Note: To export records in an embedded list, export the record containing the list.
Export formats include:
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • XML
  • PDF (Portrait)
  • PDF (Landscape)
  • PDF (Detailed Portrait): Exports the list and the associated form for each record.
  • PDF (Detailed Landscape): Exports the list and the associated form for each record.
Note: You can control how line breaks appear in exported CSV data using the glide.csv.export.line_break system property.
Note: To remove unwanted HTML tags from list data, see the blog Rendering HTML in Exported Lists by a ServiceNow employee in the ServiceNow Community.

When exporting to XML, a dialog box may prompt you to save the file, or the browser may automatically save the XML file to the downloads folder specified in the browser preferences.