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Scheduled export set scripting options

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Scheduled export set scripting options

When scheduling an export set, you can access certain JavaScript objects.

Use these objects in scheduled export set scripts, such as the Pre-script and Post-script fields.
Table 1. Export set scripting objects
Object Description Example
cancel Set this object to true to stop the export action. Any child export sets are also cancelled if the parent is cancelled. This object is available only in the Pre-script field. Use the Pre-script field to evaluate the conditions of the export and determine whether to cancel the export process. To cancel the import process, use the following call:
cancel = true;
export_set Get the GlideRecord object for the new export set. This variable allows you to query the following columns from the sys_export_set table:
  • name
  • sys_id
  • state
  • table_name

This object is available in both the Pre-script and Post-script fields.

If you want to use information from the export set, you can specify one of the properties of the export_set variable.
var x = export_set.sys_id;