Currency system properties

You can control how currency fields are configured and used in your instance.

These properties are available for currency fields.
Note: To open the System Properties [sys_properties] table, enter sys_properties.list in the navigation filter.
Table 1. Properties for currency fields
Property Description
glide.sys.audit_currency_value When true, currency fields in audit records are the value entered by the user, in the format USD;1234.56. When false, the value is the numeric value in the session currency.
glide.currency_price.use_all_fraction_digits When true, currency fields have four decimal places. When false, two decimal places are used.
glide.currency_price_optimizer.enabled When true, the optimizer is used. When false, the optimizer is not used.
glide.currency_price_optimizer.min_rows The minimum number of rows in parent table needed for the optimizer. When fewer than this number of rows are present, the optimizer is not used.
glide.excel.convert_to_user_currency When true, currency fields in a table are output in the user's session currency.
glide.excel.fixed_currency_usd When true, currency fields in a table are converted to US dollars.
glide.system.locale The value is of the format Language.Country where the language is an ISO 639 language code and the country is an ISO 3166 language code. Internally, this value is used as specified by Java. The system locale setting should be in the Java supported locales list.
  • Type: String
  • Default value: 4
  • Location: System Properties > System Localization
  • Learn more: Locale settings