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Single-currency mode

Single-currency mode

Single-currency mode lets all users of the platform see currency values in the same currency.

Before enabling single-currency mode, set the system locale. See Locale settings for valid locale formats.

To configure single-currency mode, set the following properties:
  • i18n.single_currency: true or false
  • i18n.single_currency.code: the three-letter ISO currency code
  • The system locale: glide.system.locale
Single-currency mode has the following limitations:
  • Single-currency mode changes the currency in the user views and does not change the number formatting. Even through users in different countries see currency values in one currency, the number formatting (as determined by the user’s locale) might not be what they expect.
  • Because currency value input is constrained to the single currency, price fields cannot be used.

The effects of rate conversions can be avoided by setting the system locale and the reference currency to be the single currency.