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Currency values in forms

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Currency values in forms

In forms, currency values are shown in the currency in which they were entered.

A combo box gives the list of currencies available in the system. The format is determined by the user’s locale. When entering or changing the numeric value, format the value in the format specified by the user’s locale. In the form for a new record, the combo box with the list of currencies has the reference currency selected, and the numeric value set to zero.


If the record is read only, the currency value is shown as entered and formatted for display in the user’s locale. A price field shows the session currency value. 

In single currency mode, the currency is a label and cannot be changed. The form for editing the details of fields previously mentioned cannot be accessed because the edit icon is not shown.

Editing the currency instance table

For users who can edit the currency instance table (fx_currency_instance), an edit icon appears next to the field. Users with the financial_mgmt_user role can edit the values associated with the currency field. 
Note: Do not edit the fx_currency_instance table directly. The platform maintains these tables, and your changes could have unintended consequences.