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Define search fields on a form

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Define search fields on a form

Contextual searches are based on the content entered in selected search fields on forms. You can define multiple search fields for a form, with one field selected as the default.

About this task

Search results for the default field appear automatically in the Related Search Results section when you open a record. Search results in other associated fields only appear when you type content in those fields.

For example, in the base system the Short description is the default search field for the Incident form, so search results based on that field are displayed automatically.

Figure 1. Context search default search field

If the Description field is also defined as a search field on this form, search results only appear when you type content in that field.


  1. Navigate to Contextual Search > Table Configuration and open the record.
  2. Click New in the Search Fields related list.
  3. Select the field to use and the order for that field.
    Note: Only text fields can be selected.
  4. Right-click the header and select Save to save the search field record.
  5. (Optional) If you have multiple search fields defined for that form, you can click Set as Default to select the new field as the default search field.