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Contextual Search properties

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Contextual Search properties

Navigate to Contextual Search > Properties to view and edit contextual search properties.

About this task

Property label [Name] Description
Default value for maximum number of search results returned for table and record producer configurations


Set an upper limit on the number of search results displayed in record producers or forms using contextual search. By default, this is set to 10.

Number of milliseconds that a configured field will wait before triggering a search


Set the amount of time after a user finishes typing before running a search based on the typed text. By default, this is set to 500 (half a second).
Records returned above this threshold will log warnings


Trigger a warning message within the system log whenever more than this number of results is returned in a search. This logging helps if you are experiencing performance issues because of large searches. By default, this is set to 10,000.
When a Form configuration is created a search field with a name matching this property will be automatically created


Link the context search to the search field identified in this property whenever you create a new context search for a form. This eliminates the need to select the field in the form manually. By default, this is set to short_description, meaning that whenever you create a new context search for a form with a short_description field, that field is automatically selected as the field the context search acts on.
Collapse the search results widget when opening an existing record in a form


When set to true, the search results widget will be collapsed when an existing record is opened. By default, this is set to true.
Note: This applies only to existing records and not new records.
Show meta data on form contextual search results


When selected, the search results in the task form displays meta data related to each KB article.