Script includes installed with contextual search

Table 1. Script includes installed with contextual search
Name Description Extends
cxs_App Configures business rules, action scripts, and security script against tables using contextual search. N/A
cxs_ContextConfig Configures Table Configuration [cxs_table_config] attributes. N/A
cxs_FormatResults Determines and runs the macro to be used for displaying search results. N/A
cxs_Knowledge Attaches knowledge articles to records such as incidents, change requests, and problems. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_RPAjax Gets and retrieves record producer configurations. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_RPConfig Configures the Record Producer Configuration [cxs_rp_config] table and manipulates contextual search on record producers. N/A
cxs_RPVarTypes Returns the types of variable that can be used when defining a contextual search for a record producer. N/A
cxs_SearchContextAJAX Configures records in the Search Resource Context Configuration [cxs_res_context_config] table. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_SearchResourceConfig Contains method that will update Context Configuration for [cxs_search_res_config]. N/A
cxs_SearchResultsAJAX Returns results from a search formatted using the specified macro. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_SearchServerAJAX Checks that the search context is configured. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_TableActions Gets email search request records. N/A
cxs_TableAjax Gets table configuration from the Table Configuration [cxs_table_config] table. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_TableConfig Creates and configures fields that have contextual search attached from the cxs_table_field_config table. N/A
cxs_TableEmailConfig Configures and checks duplicates in the Email Configuration [cxs_table_email_config] table. N/A
cxs_TableEmailConfigAJAX Configures the Email Configuration [cxs_table_email_config] table. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_TableFieldConfig Configures records in the Search Field [cxs_table_field_config] table. N/A
cxs_TableFieldTypes Used to validate field types. Search Field [cxs_table_field_config] table.
cxs_WizardAJAX Gets and retrieves wizard configuration. AbstractAjaxProcessor
cxs_WizardConfig Creates and configures fields that have contextual search attached. N/A