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Set and view domain relationships

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Set and view domain relationships

You can set a hierarchy of domains and view those relationships on the domain map to see how they relate to each other.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

All domain maps must have one domain set as the primary domain. In addition, each domain in the domain map must meet these criteria:

  • The Parent field must be filled in (the primary domain is the only exception to this).
  • The Active check box must be selected.

The domain map does not draw domain relationships for domains that fail to meet the mapping criteria.


  1. Navigate to Domain Admin > Domain Map.
  2. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) icons on the domain headers to show or hide sub domains.
  3. To create relationships:
    1. Select the domain record that is the parent (container) domain of the new contains relationship.
    2. Toggle the domain scope to switch between the session scope and record scope, if necessary.
    3. From the Contains Domains related list, click Edit.
    4. Select the domain records that is the child (contained) domains of the contains relationship. Only child domains appear by default when the domain picker is set to Global. Toggle the domain scope to see all domains in slushbucket.
    5. Click Save, and then click Update.