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Validate domain hierarchy

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Validate domain hierarchy

By default, the instance validates the domain hierarchy every time you change the domain table, change the query method, or reset the records to the global domain.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

If there are a large number of records in a table, domain hierarchy validation may take awhile.

About this task

The Domain Progress Workers list displays any currently running domain tasks. Use the following procedure to manually start the validation process.
Note: When you create a domain or update the parent of a domain, the system runs a scheduled job to recalculate domain paths. The result of the scheduled job, use the following URL: https://<your-instance-name>/


  1. Navigate to Domain Admin > Configuration.
  2. Click Validate domains hierarchy.
  3. After the validation process completes, review the Domain Alerts section for any renumbering or path conversion errors.
    The domain validation process automatically fixes some validation errors and provides information about errors that cannot be automatically fixed.
    UI domain validation errors

What to do next

If domain hierarchy validation takes too long, you can exclude tables from the validation process:
  1. Add this property to the System Properties [sys_properties] table: glide.sys.domain.validation_skip_threshold.
  2. Set the integer value to the maximum number of records that a table can have for it to be validated. Tables with a larger number of records than this value are not validated. The default value is 10000000.

You can also view the domain log by click a domain log record.

Figure 1. UI domain log
Domain log