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Customize a start and end date

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Customize a start and end date

You can configure calendar reports to support the spanning of multi-day events across calendar cells.

Before you begin

Role required: dictionary admin or admin

About this task

A change request with a Work Start date on Monday and a Work End date on Tuesday is displayed on both days when viewed in a Calendar field. However, when two custom fields named First Date and Last Date are used, the same behavior does not occur.

The code looks for an ending field with the same name as the start date field, except using the word end instead of start. If the custom fields are My Start Date and My End Date, the system correctly interprets the meaning of these fields because their names are the same except for the words start and end.


  1. Follow the steps in Add and customize a field in a table.
  2. Enter the following values in the form to create the start date span field.
    Name Calendar start date span
    Database column name u_first_date → u_my_start_date
    Type Date
  3. Add another field using the following values for the end date span field.
    Name Calendar end date span
    Database column name u_last_date → u_my_end_date
    Type Date