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Add an additional dataset to a report — Report Designer

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Add an additional dataset to a report — Report Designer

Add an extra dataset to a report to visualize data from multiple sources in a single report.

Before you begin

Role required: itil. The property glide.ui.doctype must be enabled.

About this task

The following limitations apply to specific report types.

  • All datasets must be the same type. For example, if the base report uses a time series chart, other datasets added to the report must also use a time series chart.
  • If using time series charts, all datasets must have the same Per field value to ensure that the frequency interval is the same for all data.
  • If using bar or horizontal bar charts, all data must have the same Group by value. For example, the data must have the same reference table or the same column name.
  • Legends are always visible on reports with multiple datasets, even if the Show legend option is disabled in the Style Options of the primary report.


  1. Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
  2. Select a report with a type that supports multiple datasets.

    You can add additional sets to bar, horizontal bar, line, column, area, and spline reports.

  3. Click the Show report structure icon (Show report structure).
  4. Click Add dataset.
  5. On the Data tab, provide a custom name for the additional data set to appear in the legend of the report, select a data source, and click Next.
  6. On the Configure tab, specify the following fields the same way that you would configure a standalone report.
    Note: The Display data table option is not available from the Add dataset module, but is only available from the Configure tab of the main Report Designer. If the Display data table option is selected, only the first dataset will display on the data table.
    Field Value
    Group by For bar and horizontal bar reports, the Group by value must have the same reference table or the same column name as specified in the base report.
    Show as a right Y axis Add an extra Y axis on the right side of the report for this data.
    Title Specify the Y-axis label in the Title field.
    From and To fields Specify custom start and end values for the additional Y axis.
    Warning: When using multiple datasets with separate Y axes, the Y axes may show a greater range than specified in the From and To fields. This greater range depends on the actual Y values for all datasets. The From and To field values from the parent report may also be overridden. This behavior ensures that all data can be accurately displayed on the chart.
  7. Click Save dataset.


The report is generated with the information from the additional dataset.