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Add a report to a homepage or dashboard

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Add a report to a homepage or dashboard

When viewing a report, you can add that report to a homepage or a dashboard.

Before you begin

Before starting this procedure, make sure that there is a report you want to include on a homepage or dashboard.

Role required: Any user who can create a report can add it to a homepage or responsive dashboard. To add a report to a non-responsive dashboard, one of the following roles is required: itil, report_global, report_group, report_admin, pa_power_user. For more information, see Differences between homepages and responsive and non-responsive dashboards.


  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run.
  2. Select a report.
  3. Click the Sharing icon (reference sharing icon) and select Add to Dashboard.
  4. Select if you want to add the report to a Homepage or Dashboard.
  5. Based on your selection, perform one of the following actions.
    Homepage Select the Homepage to add the report to.
    Dashboard Select the Dashboard and Tab to add the report to.
  6. Perform one of the following actions:
    for responsive dashboards Click Add. The widget is added to the dashboard in the top position and the dashboard opens. Click Edit to move or resize the widget.
    for non-responsive dashboards and homepages Click Add here to add the report in a specific position, or click Add to add the report to the first available position on the homepage or dashboard.