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Interactive Analysis aggregations

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Interactive Analysis aggregations

When you work with Interactive Analysis, you can view data from the perspectives of record counts, sums, averages, and distinct counts.

Aggregation types

Count is the default aggregation and shows when you launch Interactive Analysis. The Count aggregation shows the number of records selected. For example, an analysis of incidents grouped by state, stacked by priority, and aggregated by count shows the number of incidents in each category in hints and in the cells of multidimensional reports.

Interactive analysis with count aggregation and hints.

Average, Sum, Count Distinct
Select Average, Sum, or Count Distinct, to show a list of fields from the selected Table. Select a field to Aggregate by from this list. For example, if you select an integer field, such as Reassignment count, the data is expressed as a decimal value number.

Interactive analysis with Sum aggregation and Priority field