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Differences between Report Builder and Report Designer

Differences between Report Builder and Report Designer

The Report Designer provides a guided flow for report creation. Selection of the data source, selection of the report type, configuration, and styling of the report are presented on successive tabs. The Report Builder provides most report creation functionality in a single panel.

Using the Report Designer, users can configure a report, preview it, iterate and adjust, then share it using the integrated Share panel.

The older Report Builder provides functionality for naming, selection of the data source, and configuration on one page. Style option selection is provided in a pop-up.

The Report Designer supports imported data sources and MetricBase Time Series reports, but the Report Builder does not. See Using imported report data.

Determine the report creation tool

You can create and edit reports in both report creation UIs. The new Report Designer has separate panels for specifying the report source, the type, the configuration, and the style options. The Report Builder ("Classic UI") provides most of this functionality on a single panel.

Before you begin

The layout of the report creation tool indicates the type:


  1. Report Designer:
    Report Designer layout
  2. Report Builder:
    Report Builder layout

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