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Column reports

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Column reports

Column reports show how the value of one or more items changes over time by with columns.

Values along the horizontal axis of the column chart represent the time measurement (years, hours, minutes, milliseconds, and so on). Values on the vertical axis represent the changes to the items being monitored. Users with the report_admin role can define the ranges that are used in a column chart report. See Report ranges for information on creating report ranges.

For example, you can create a column chart for incident counts, to show how the number of incidents changes over time. The incident count often increases during the first few months after a product upgrade is deployed. Over time, the number of reported incidents decreases as users become more accustomed to the changes in the product.

The figure shows resolved incidents stacked by category with a legend that indicates which category the colors represent.
Figure 1. Stacked column chart
Column chart
A grouped column chart shows the categories as individual bars, rather than stacked colors in a single bar.
Figure 2. Grouped column chart
Column chart 2