Move a dashboard with an update set

Portal pages related to dashboard tabs are not automatically transferred in update sets. You can add portal pages to update sets from the Dashboard Properties page using the Unload Dashboard function, which unloads the entire dashboard with all related tabs, including portal pages.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. In the source instance, navigate to the location of the dashboard you want to unload, for example, Self-Service > Dashboards.
  2. Select the dashboard you want to unload to an update set.
  3. Click the context menu icon (menu icon) and select Dashboard Properties to open the dashboard record.
  4. Click the context menu icon (menu icon) and select Unload Dashboard.
    Only perform this step once the dashboard is ready to unload, meaning that all the content is added to the tabs.
  5. Move the update set to another instance using standard update set functionality. For more information, see Retrieve an update set .