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Create or configure a responsive dashboard

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Create or configure a responsive dashboard

Create a dashboard where you can add widgets that you frequently use. You can then share the dashboard with other users.

Before you begin

Users with any role can create dashboards.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards or Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    Name Name the dashboard.
    Order Enter an Order number to indicate the order the dashboard is to appear on the dashboards picker. Dashboards with lower numbers are listed first.
    Active Clear this field to mark the dashboard inactive in the dashboard picker.

    Inactive dashboards are visible to users with the admin, pa_power_user, and pa_admin roles only if those dashboards have been shared with them.

    Owner The dashboard owner. Only a user with the administrator role can change this value.
    No tabs This field does not do anything.
  4. Users with admin, pa_admin, and pa_power user roles can configure these additional fields.
    Group Add the dashboard to a Group. Groups organize dashboards in the dashboard picker choice list. Groups are listed at the top of the list. Ungrouped dashboards are listed at the bottom of the list, under Other.
    Breakdown Source Select one or more breakdown sources in the Breakdown Source related list. Breakdowns enable users to filter the data in Performance Analytics on the dashboard. The Breakdown Source related list is available on the Dashboard form after you create the dashboard
  5. Click Submit.