Select keywords for default drilldowns

In a text widget, a user can drill down by selecting words. You can create a default drilldown for all users by selecting keywords for an indicator and optionally for a specific widget.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_analyst or pa_admin

About this task

You can specify a list of keywords for a default drilldown that appears for all users when they view the widget in a dashboard. Each list of keywords applies to one indicator in one widget. In the following example, the word "access" has been specified as a keyword.
Figure 1. Word cloud drilled down by keyword 'access'
Word cloud of text from open incidents, bottom half


  1. Navigate to Text Analytics > Keywords and click New.
  2. In the Widget field, specify the widget to which the default drilldown applies.
  3. In the Indicator field, specify the indicator to which the keywords apply.
  4. In the Field field, select the indicator field that the keywords apply to.
  5. (Optional) In the Breakdown and Element fields, you can filter the records to which the keywords apply by a breakdown element.
    Specify both a breakdown and an element. You can filter to a second level by filling in the level 2 Breakdown and Element fields.
  6. In the Keywords field, enter a comma-separated list of keywords to use for the default drilldown.
  7. Click Submit.