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Create a text widget

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Create a text widget

To visualize any patterns in user-entered text in an indicator, use a word cloud visualization in a text widget.

Before you begin

Text indexing must be configured for the relevant indicator source, and this configuration must include the relevant indicator.

Text analytics is available only with the licensed version of Performance Analytics.

Note: To view the dashboard, users must have the pa_viewer role or a role that contains pa_viewer.

Role required: pa_power_user or admin

About this task

The Text widget provides a word cloud for visualizing the frequency of words and phrases.
Figure 1. Word cloud visualization - text widget
Word cloud of text from open incidents, top half

For an interactive demo of how a user can use a text analytics widget on a dashboard, see DemoNow.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets and click New.
  2. In the Name field, give the widget a name that reflects the information being displayed.
  3. In the Type field, select Text.
    If you change the value of Type after you fill in other fields, those fields are cleared.
    Word Cloud is automatically selected as the Visualization.
  4. In the Indicator field, select the main indicator for which you want to analyze text.
  5. (Optional) Fill in any of the following fields:
    Breakdown and Element Only text that is associated with the specified element of the specified breakdown is analyzed. Select values for both Breakdown and Element. Otherwise, only text that is not associated with any element of the breakdown is shown.
    2nd Breakdown and Element Drill down to a second level of breakdown and element, if a first-level breakdown and element have been specified.
    Follow element Applies only when this widget is placed in a "breakdown dashboard." Select this option for the widget to follow the element that the user selects interactively on the dashboard. See Using breakdowns on dashboards.

    Selecting this option removes the ability to set a second breakdown and element on the widget.

  6. (Optional) Set any of the display settings.
    Default field If multiple fields are selected in the text index configuration, this field appears by default.
    Cut-off Minimum number of occurrences of a word for it to be included in the cloud.
    Limit Maximum number of words to show.
  7. Click Submit.

What to do next

  • Add the widget to a dashboard.
  • If you are an admin, give the pa_viewer role to users who need to view the widget.
  • Text analysis uses special steps in the data collection job. If no data is available for the widget, verify that the relevant data collection job has run and that the job collects text indexes. See Collect initial text analytics data.
  • Save keywords for filtering the word cloud.