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Associate a domain configuration with a data collection job

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Associate a domain configuration with a data collection job

Associated a domain configuration with a collection job to collect scores from specific domains.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector or admin

About this task

When you use a domain configuration to control the domain of a data collection job, the domain of the Run as user is not used.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Jobs.
  2. Select a data collection job.
  3. In the Domain Configurations related list click Edit.
  4. Select the domain configurations you want to associate with this job.
    A separate data collection job runs for each domain included in the configuration.
  5. Click Save.
  6. (Optional) Modify the Order of the domain configuration.
    If multiple domain configurations are associated with a collection job, any overlap in the included domains may cause scores to be collected incorrectly. Only the scores collected for the domain configuration with the highest Order value are preserved for the overlapping domains.
    Tip: When using multiple domain configurations with a single job, ensure each domain configuration specifies a unique set of domains.